Michigan–EPT Test Credits

Please note the update to test credit pricing as of 2023!

Test credit pricing is $7.50 each, with a minimum purchase of 25. You will be invoiced separately.

Payment for M-EPT credits invoiced July 1, 2022, or later will be collected from a new platform. Details about this change will be sent in an email once you submit your request.

Important: Most invoices for credits are prepared within 24 hours. If you do not receive email notice within 24–48 hours that your invoice is ready, please contact us.

M-EPT Credit Request – FY23 ff

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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to the Michigan English Placement Test (also known as the M-EPT or Michigan–EPT).

If you are not purchasing the Michigan–EPT, you can disregard the following information. If you are an agent acting on behalf of an institution purchasing the Michigan–EPT, you are agreeing to the terms of this document.

  • The Michigan–EPT is copyrighted.
  • The Purchasing Institution agrees that unauthorized duplication, modification, or distribution of any portion of the Michigan–EPT materials is not permitted, and that violators of copyright and use restrictions are subject to legal action.
  • The Purchasing Institution agrees to administer the Michigan–EPT only to clients, students, members, or prospective clients, students, members of the Purchasing Institution.
  • The Purchasing Institution agrees to limit the use of the Michigan–EPT score information exclusively to the Purchasing Institution. The Purchasing Institution will not report the Michigan–EPT test information to other institutions.
  • The Purchasing Institution recognizes that the Michigan–EPT is a nonsecure test, and that the Michigan–EPT may be purchased by other institutions that may compete for clients, students, and/or members of the Purchasing Institution.
  • The Purchasing Institution agrees that all sales of the Michigan–EPT are final and will provide payment within invoice terms.
  • The Purchasing Institution executed this Agreement by its authorized representative effective on the date of first purchase.
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